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What got me started in Photography

I was given a camera “kit” by my older sister Liz when I was about 10 years old It included all the chemicals and equipment to develop and print pictures. I became the official family photographer.

Like everyone that has been taking picture for a long time, I was thrilled by that first photo that I saw magically appear in the developing tray. I am even more thrilled now by the beautiful photographs that can come out of a high quality printer… how does it do that???

Later on in my life when I was in a real “Merry-go-round” of a job.. 7 days a week.. lots of pressure… I would be driving along in my car and “see a picture”. I’d stop the car and jump out with my camera and the whole world would disappear and I would be just in that moment… almost like meditating.. just the camera and me and the picture. I would completely relax and everything but the picture would go away…

My sister Liz was a remarkable person. She fought cancer much of her life… went from a beautiful teenager, cheerleader, athlete, scholar, on top of the world.. to a young woman that was terribly scarred by the ancient technology that saved her life. About a year before Liz finally succumbed to the deadly cancer that had stalked her for an entire life time, she ran into a special photographer. He was a glamour and or boudoir photographer. He dressed her up in a beautiful frill blouse that covered her scarred neck, had a make-up artist skillfully make her face beautiful again and through his skill and magic with the camera transformed her into that beautify woman again. Liz of course shared the photos with us all and you have never seen such tears of joy from us all…

My dream goal is to become skilled enough as a photographer to pass that favor on to another cancer patient